Our Team

Moti Michael Gamburd, Chief Executive Officer

Our Los Angeles Dementia care CEO - Moti Michael Gamburd
Moti discovered his passion toward elderly care and elderly care facilities when he was an undergraduate student at UCLA working on his degree in Biochemistry. Moti was helping his mother Raya who started these facilities “Raya’s Paradise” ever since its inception back in 1991. Being very much hands on and trying to learn as much as possible, Moti had many responsibilities from networking, marketing, providing transportation to residents, shopping for grocery, designing new facilities, staff retention and recruit, payroll services, and much more. Having such vast exposure in the residential care market and learning so much from this experience, Moti decided to step up to the Chief Executive Officer position when Raya decided to take it easy. Moti’s priorities are and always been resident and family satisfaction. Moti’s priorities are and always have been resident and family satisfaction. This dedication to quality care has earned Raya’s Paradise great respect an exceptional reputation in our community. Moti believes that the proper care coupled with a small facility setting is the best option there is for intimate care and supervision for those who are frail and those suffering from dementia. Moti is currently designing a “state of the art” community that will integrate several facilities in the same neighborhood. This neighborhood of facilities will share the feeling of home, community, safety and a loving environment.

Jasmine Atshemyan, Administrator

Jasmine earned her Bachelor’s degree from Yerevan State University in Psychology and Sociology and has extensive organizational and care experience with the elderly population. She has applied her experience in her daily administrative duties at Raya’s Paradise from client care to staffing and program development. Her compassion and diligence has made Raya’s Paradise a safe and comfortable home-away-from-home for our residents.

Jasmine is the heart of the operations at Raya’s Paradise and it is evident in the residents’ happiness and the satisfaction of families who entrust their loved ones to our care.

Jasmine personally hires staff specifically with the mission of our organization and excellent Care-team dynamics in mind. She believes that seeing residents and their families happy while ensuring that the Care team continues to achieve our goals as an organization encourages the Care team to provide the highest possible levels of care. She believes that an organization where the Care team plays an integral part in helping the residents feel at home ensures that everyone is cared for with dignity and respect.

Apart from excellence in care for your loved ones in professional and skilled practice, Jasmine’s administrative processes are individualized and assessed on a regular basis through residents’ and family satisfaction interviews, frequent evaluation of residential facilities, and staff compliance with care standards and general operations. Her philosophy in life and care-work are alike: the best life possible involves giving and receiving compassion and passion in life and in our work.

Hasmik Nabzaryan, Facility Manager

Our Los Angeles Alzheimer care Facility Manager- Hasmik Nabzaryan

Facility Manager Since 1997

Since 1997, Hasmik has proven herself a valued asset. Her strong leadership skills and enthusiasm have promoted her to upper level management positions.
Her pride comes from the appreciation shown by those she cares for, and the many families of those who have passed, that often come back just to visit.
She enjoys spending her free time creating memories with her children and grandchildren.

Mary Nadzharyan, Facility Manager

Our Los Angeles Dementia care Facility Manager- Mary Nadzharyan

Facility Manager Since 1998

Since 1998 Mary has been a devoted colleague.
She is an insightful and creative problem solver. She recognizes that each resident is unique, and it takes time to develop trust and understand their needs.
She gives credit to her parents for teaching her to always be patient and give from her heart. She believes that by taking a moment out of each day to give that extra something, she can make each resident feel special.
When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and her great big extended family.

Galina Shirinyan, Facility Manager


Facility Manager Since 2013

Galina Shirinyan joined Raya’s Paradise in 2010. Being passionate and reliable caregiver, Galina demonstrated strong leadership skills, which promoted her to a managerial position. Besides being a result-oriented team leader, she is an active team player, who is able to work effectively with other managers and co-workers. During her education and extensive work experience, she gained strong skills in providing life-enhancing quality services to individuals in need so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

Galina enjoys working with the clients of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds and has a demonstrated ability to develop great relationships with them and their families. Moreover, she is a trustworthy and responsible person, who takes great pleasure in caregiving.

Armine Harutyunyan, Facility Manager


Armine has a nursing background that allows her to provide knowledgeable and professional service. Armine is a great team player with outstanding leadership skills. She is truly admired by the residents and respected by her peers.

Karine Mkhitaryan

Karine Mk

Karine has worked at Raya’s Paradise since 2012. She possesses a BA degree in Pedagogics, and began her professional career working with children whom she enjoyed teaching and enlightening.

As time moved on she chose to enlarge her working experience and decided to begin working with the elderly. Just as she admired the children for their youth and potential, she also admires the elderly for their wisdom and experience and believes they are at a time in their lives where they deserve to be able to sit back, relax and not have to worry about day-to-day concerns. To this end she strives to create a caring, happy, healthy environment at her facility with home made food, daily activities, and entertainment. Karine enjoys spending her free time reading books and listening to music. She is also an avid fan of traveling.

Elsa Argueta, Engagement Coordinator

ElsaWeb Elsa Argueta joined Raya’s Paradise in 2015. She brings her passion for creativity and her love of helping others enjoy their lives to her position as Engagement Coordinator at Raya’s Paradise. She holds a Certification of Engagement Coordinator. At Raya’s Paradise, she learned to love residents as her own family and found fulfillment in caring for them. She loves what she does and is thrilled to be able to bring smiles and joy to our residents.

Narine Mertkhanyan, Administrative Assistant

NarineWeb Narine has a nursing background and has a degree in Liberal Arts. One of the reasons she works at Rayas Paradise is because she loves being responsible for the elderly and making sure all of their needs have been met. She also takes pride in helping the families understand the care that is needed and provided for their loved ones. Narine loves politics, and Lifetime movies. On her days off she spends time with her family.

Matthew Scott Townsend, Entertainer

Our Los Angeles Alzheimer's care Entertainment Coordinator- Matthew Scott Townsend

Growing up in North Carolina, Matthew was immersed in classic films, television and music. Inspired by the likes of Jimmy Stewart, Dick Van Dyke, and Frank Sinatra, Matthew’s passion for entertaining was ignited. Since moving to Los Angeles in further pursuit of “the dream,” Matthew has used his singing talents, love for the past, and intuitive ability to relate well with seniors to build his own geriatric life coaching service. Working with a Geriatric Psychiatrist since 2011 as the Director of Mobile Therapy, Matthew has broadened his knowledge and experience in caring for the emotional needs of the elderly. He is very excited to join the Raya’s Paradise family to assist in their entertainment activities.