Memory boxes make wonderful gifts for seniors in assisted living.

Making Memory Boxes for Seniors

For individuals experiencing memory loss due to conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, memory boxes can be a great way to help them recall their past, even if for a brief period of time. Memory boxes can be a collection of your loved one’s favorite objects from childhood or can even be items that capture the essence […]

Tips for downsizing before moving to assisted living

Downsizing to Prepare for a Move to Assisted Living

The transition to assisted living is a challenging time. One task that will need to be completed is deciding what to do with the valuables and property you have accumulated over a lifetime. Unfortunately, moving to assisted living usually means less space, and you’ll have to sort out which belongings you’ll keep and which you’ll […]

assisted living has provided new opportunities for many seniors

How the Option of Assisted Living Developed

Today, seniors enjoy a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to finding a place to spend their later years. Things haven’t always been this way. In fact, not too long ago, assisted living wasn’t even an option. Prior to the advent of these facilities, older people could only choose between staying […]

Convincing your parent to move to assisted living can be difficult.

Discussing Assisted Living with a Reluctant Parent

The desire to stay in your own home and remain independent as long as possible is a strong one. Unfortunately, as we get older we eventually reach a point where this is no longer viable or safe. How can you convince a parent that it’s time to make a move to assisted living, where they […]

Assisted living residents may be able to save money by deducting their medical expenses.

Deducting Medical Expenses to Help Pay for Assisted Living

Paying for assisted living is a significant financial commitment that most seniors and their families must plan for carefully. But good news! Many of the expenses of assisted living residents are tax deductible. Such deductions can help add more flexibility to the budget and free up funds that otherwise would have gone elsewhere. A major […]

How to Spot Elder Abuse

Unfortunately, there are some out there who will mistreat those who are vulnerable, including the elderly. At a certain point, it becomes elder abuse, and it’s one of the worst fears of those who have a loved one who is not fully able to fend for themselves. Elder abuse can be inflicted by a staff […]

The Benefits of Assisted Living Over In-Home Care

Deciding whether to choose assisted living or home care is tough, and many emotions come up which influence the decision-making process. When you realize that you or a loved one needs some outside help, which option will work better? The answer of course is different for each individual and family, but there are certain considerations […]

Visits from Grandchildren in Assisted Living

Few things can brighten a senior’s day like a visit from their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. These visits can help add purpose to a senior’s life and help them maintain a connection to a world outside the facility and to the family. It also gives the grandchildren a valuable chance to get to know the grandparent. […]

Four Ways Seniors Can Keep Their Minds Sharp

Seniors entering assisted living may need help with daily tasks due to the physical limitations of old age, but often their minds are still relatively healthy. These seniors can benefit from taking simple actions that will help them continue to maintain their mental abilities. 1. Take on puzzles and games. Exercise the mind with logic […]

Considering Life Insurance Settlements to Pay for Assisted Living

You may have recently heard about the option of life settlements, where you sell your life insurance policy to a third party, and be considering this option in order to fund assisted living. The buyer of the policy takes responsibility for the premiums, and then receives the benefit when you pass away. These offers are […]

Seniors and Pet Separation

Many of us have pets we love dearly in our lives. Seniors often find pets to be good companions when they live on their own. Indeed, studies have shown that having a pet is great for one’s health. However, pets often cannot move with a senior to assisted living, and even if they can there’s […]

Holding Family Meetings About Senior Care

Meetings can be very useful when a family is faced with a tough decision, like whether to move a parent to assisted living. They provide a chance for relatives to come together, pool their knowledge, and discuss various options and strategies. It can be tough even to make the decision to hold such a meeting. […]