Seniors and Proper Nutrition

While eating healthy is vital for any person, regardless of age, the senior population tends to be especially susceptible to poor nutrition or malnutrition. Studies have revealed that a whopping 15 – 50 percent of elderly people in the US suffer from malnutrition, but detection has sometimes proved difficult. Symptoms such as lethargy, light-headedness and […]

Medical billing errors require a lot of time to sort out.

How to Dispute Health Insurance Errors

With the possibility of multiple bills being generated from a single visit – along with discrepancies in the diagnosis and treatment necessary – there’s no wonder that medical bills sometimes have errors. In fact, a recent study conducted by the American Medical Association revealed that even with the recent improvements in billing accuracy, a full […]

Dealing with a loved one's dementia requires patience.

Coping with Dementia Behavior

Of all the diseases that can affect our loved ones, dementia is one of the most difficult. Your loved one may have been an intelligent individual who you enjoyed interacting with, but the effects of the disease on the brain may cause that person to become an almost distant stranger you barely know. People facing […]

Taking multiple medications can cause serious problems for seniors.

Preventing Problems with Medication

If the healthcare industry actually tallied the numbers and assigned a price tag to medication-related illness, the numbers would place it fourth-highest among “diseases” – behind cancer, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, entitled: “Use of Prescription and Over-the-counter Medications and Dietary Supplements Among Older […]

It's important for seniors to feel like assisted living is their home.

Tips for Getting Cozy in Assisted Living

While many of us dislike change, for an elderly person, change can be especially difficult. Dealing with changes in their body, family dynamics and the like is already a tough process, but the notion of leaving home – their home – is probably amongst the toughest transitions an elderly person may face. As the adult […]

Sometimes seniors are reluctant to go to the doctor.

What to Do When Your Parent Refuses to See the Doctor

Among the challenges you may face as a caregiver for an aging parent is the refusal to see a doctor. Most people assume a person who has the financial means to get medical care will do so  – just simple scheduling, right? Not always. So what do you do? First, go for backup. While it […]

Be alert for these financial pitfalls in retirement.

Financial Mistakes to Watch for in Retirement

While some people work and save for years so they can have a very comfortable lifestyle during their retirement years, others find  keeping their retirement nest egg intact to be a challenge. A 2010 survey conducted by Wells Fargo Bank revealed that more than a quarter of the American population has concerns about their finances […]

Communication and connection is important to Alzheimer's patients.

How to Talk with Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s

As human beings, we are created for meaningful relationship with one another. Healthy communication is a vital part of remaining connected in any relationship – even when the person you’re communicating with has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. While cognitive decline puts a tremendous toll on your loved one’s ability to remember significant people, places, […]

Invest in fall prevention for seniors.

How Seniors Can Avoid Falls

Susceptibility to falls increases with age. Every senior and every person caring for a senior must have a keen awareness of this as the leading cause of injury for this age group. This one type of injury is responsible for a large number of seniors losing both mobility and independence.  Post-menopausal women with osteoporosis must […]

Parent-child relationships are challenged in old age

How Roles Change as Parents Become Older

As parents age, adult children gradually find familiar roles shifting. More and more, their elders turn to them for help, rather than the other way around. The individual circumstances will vary. A fall and broken hip can incapacitate a parent, requiring temporary assistance at the least. Degenerative diseases can reduce mobility or vision, making it […]

How to deal with a cranky parent.

Dealing with Cranky Elderly Parents

Has dealing with your elderly parent become an encounter with Oscar the Grouch? If so, you certainly are not alone. However, as their child, it can help to view these encounters from an entirely different perspective. For a person who has always been independent, athletic, and able to recall many details, losing these faculties brings […]

Beware of caregiver stress.

Signs of Caregiver Burnout

Caring for an ailing loved one is demanding, time-consuming, and quite stressful. Often, caregivers spend a great deal of time making sure their loved one’s needs are met and their affairs are on track. What often goes quickly out the window? The caregiver’s own needs. The following are ways to detect if you, as a […]