Living wills don't always work smoothly.

Problems with Living Wills

Many of us know that living wills are a smart decision, but even with this document in place many find that making medical choices for a loved one is still complicated in practice. This post discusses some of the common problems with living wills and steps that you might be able to take to make […]

5 Step for helping parents with their finances.

5 Steps for Taking Responsibility for a Parent’s Finances

As parents become older, there comes a point where you realize that you need to step in and help them with their finances. The red flag may be a bounced check or noticing that some bills are past due, or you could discover much more serious problems like the fact that mom or dad has […]

Hope is possible for caregivers.

Reducing Caregiver Stress

Being the caregiver to an aging parent may be one of the toughest family roles imaginable. The task can be as demanding as watching a small child, with the added heartbreak of seeing mom or dad decline…plus the challenge of navigating the changing parent-child dynamic. But there is hope: stress can always be managed. Here […]

What are signs of Alzheimer's disease?

Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease develops gradually over the years, usually going unnoticed at first but eventually becoming impossible to ignore. What signs should families be alert to? The key is to look for major changes that interfere with everyday life. Some examples of actions that might be taken by a senior with Alzheimer’s include: Forgetting things that […]

How to Care for a Loved One in Assisted Living From Afar

Unfortunately, more adult children live far away from their aging parents than ever before. When it becomes clear that mom or dad needs help, the thought of not being there for them can be very stressful. To make matters worse, they may not tell you the truth when you ask about their well-being. They are […]

There are many hobbies to keep seniors busy in assisted living.

Hobbies for Seniors in Assisted Living

Seniors sometimes have trouble finding ways to occupy their time, but there are many hobbies that they can still enjoy. Below are some suggestions. Art Art, especially painting, is a popular hobby for people of any age. Seniors can take great satisfaction from having created something. Even those with no artistic training or who have […]

Sibling disagreement is common when a parent enters assisted living.

Keeping the Peace Among Siblings

Handling the needs of an aging parent is a task that requires teamwork, understanding, communication and cooperation among the senior’s grown children. The stress that comes with the situation can be overwhelming, making it difficult to get things done and work together. Conflict over many different issues—what kind of care is needed, who will do […]

Is your assisted living facility prepared for an emergency?

Is Your Assisted Living Facility Prepared for an Emergency?

No matter where your loved one’s assisted living facility is located, there’s the chance of a natural disaster. Federal and state laws require that assisted living facilities have a comprehensive disaster plan in writing. Yet, you should not take it for granted that every facility will have an effective plan in place. When interviewing facilities, […]

Selling your home in today's market is a challenge.

Tips for Selling Your Home to Pay for Assisted Living

When they decide to make the move to assisted living, for many seniors selling their home makes a lot of sense. They have likely accumulated a great deal of equity during their ownership, and now no longer need this residence since they’ll be living somewhere else. But selling a house in today’s market is often […]

Is your parent eating in assisted living?

How to Tell If Your Parent Is Eating in Assisted Living

The best assisted living facilities provide nutritious meals that are designed to help older adults take in plenty of nutrients and calories. At Raya’s Paradise, we pride ourselves on our home-cooked food. However, even with delicious things to eat readily available, many people lose their appetite as they age or deal with chronic diseases. It’s […]

The decision to enter hospice care is a difficult one.

Hospice Care: What to Expect

Deciding to enter hospice care is never easy. Everyone involved in the decision may find themselves experiencing regret, sorrow, and confusion about what to expect. While issues of death and dying are always extremely difficult, knowing what to expect can help make the process a little more bearable. Most know hospice as a form of […]