Just wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciate the wonderful care you have given to our mother. Not only is Ray's Paradise remarkably homelike, but each and every one of your staff was attentive, caring and efficient. We could have asked for nothing better. Mom was especially happy with the excellent cuisine. "Just as good" she said, "as I make." Since mom has always been a great cook, we tasted the food, and indeed it's every bit as good (maybe even a little better, but don't tell her that). Stepping outside from her private room onto her own little patio, with all the lovely flowers was particularly heartening for her. You brought sunshine to her day.

Once again, thank you so very much for your wonderful care.

Gail Meissenburg and Martin Stellar
I'm writing this letter to praise the wonderful and very caring staff at Raya's Paradise. They go far beyond to norm to provide a comfortable and loving atmosphere for my clients. During my weekly visits I often hear the residents talking to one another about how much they enjoyed their meal or how happy and alive they felt when celebrating a birthday or holiday.

Thank you for the kindness and respect you provide for my elderly clients.

Julie Hansen
Thank you very much for the wonderful care my mother is receiving by everyone at her Raya's Paradise home. The caregivers are kind, capable, responsible and terrific cooks. The activities give the residents something to look forward to, and in my mother's case contribute to her alertness and happy outlook. I have had my mom in two other homes and had to move her because the quality of care she received was vastly different than what was promised. But at Ray's top notch care was what I was told I would get and it's exactly what I receive.

With thanks and appreciation,

Marilyn Roberts
This letter is in appreciation for the care given my mother, Rose Feingold, during more than three years that she was a resident at Raya's Paradise.

When she first came to you at the age of 98 she was frail and weak and I did not expect her life to last more than a few months at most. She soon began to rally, looking better and eating more. Her spirits lofted and she was much improved in a few weeks.

It was clear that the improvement was due to the gentle, kind and loving care given by the staff. It was as if she was living in a home surrounded be her own family. She died quietly and peacefully as if her own home.

The facility was always exceptionally tidy and clean. The meats were nutritious and tasty and the excellent home cooking was the reason.

The patio and garden areas were carefully tended and the residents could enjoy the outdoors in good weather.

I express my thanks to you for the fine care given to my mother and for the ease of mind I had during the years she was with you.

Israel Feingold, M.D.
Nomination for Annual Disability Service Award
1. The nominated business:
The nominated business is named Raya's Paradise. Raya's Paradise is an establishment that cares for elderly people who are disabled. It provides a warm place for them to live while caring after their individual needs and desires. Her homes are incredibly clean and well maintained. Raya's Paradise creates a soft and welcome atmosphere to all of its inhabitants. Its cooks create exquisite meals specific to the individual person's taste. It provides an amazing array of activities, ranging from exercise to musical programs. The homes are surrounded by beautifully sculpted gardens. Raya's Paradise provides a very homely and family like environment for elderly people who are disabled and unable to live on their own.

2. How the Business provides an innovative service to persons living with disability:
Raya's Paradise provides an innovative service because of its atmosphere. Raya Paradises homes are sparkling clean, warm, festive, and very much service oriented. Its inhabitants are always well feed with delicious food and entertained with a variety of activities. This establishment is a model for other board and care establishment for the service it provides for elderly people who are disabled and its commitment needs and taste of its inhabitants. Its customers and their families have nothing but praise for the business. Raya's Paradise opened 10 years ago. It is unlike any other board and care because it no an institution but truly a paradise. If forced to rank the establishment from one to ten, it would be a twelve. If anyone is deserving of West Hollywood's Annual Dusability Service Award it's Raya's Paradise. I strongly urge the city to recognize the establishment with its Annual Disability Service Award on Raya Paradise's 10th year anniversary of being in business.

Alla Shullman, President
Orthomed Appliances, (323) 656-1442
I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “thank you” to you and your staff for all that you did for my mother during her last years.

I remember how worried my brother and I were then Mom first moved to Raya’s; we were afraid that she wouldn’t adjust, that she’d be unhappy or lonely or angry - but she wasn’t. Not at all. Almost from the very beginning, she responded to the real affection, loving care, and interest of the Raya’s staff - and how wonderful that was for us to see! For the first time in years, we didn’t have to wonder if Mom was safe, or eating right, or staying clean, or any of the other things that adult children do worry about when aging parents become frail.

And then, at the end, we knew just how much Raya’s had come to mean to Mom when we moved her into your hospice care. The transformation was amazing; she went from being a frightened hospital patient to the relaxed woman we’d grown up with - one who even smiled when your staff members teased her about eating “The biggest bowl of chocolate ice cream ever”. And I’m sure she passed away feeling the same way: safe and content, and happy among friends.

So, thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts. My brother and I really appreciate all that you did for out mother and our family; I just wish there were enough “Raya’s” out there to help every elderly person as much as you helped us.

The patio and garden areas were carefully tended and the residents could enjoy the outdoors in good weather.

I express my thanks to you for the fine care given to my mother and for the ease of mind I had during the years she was with you.

Debbie Coates
Daughter of Patricia Coates
Raya’s Paradise was a godsend for my mother and my family. I live in Los Angeles, and when my mom could no longer take care of herself, we moved her out to Los Angeles from the East Coast, where she had lived all her life, so that she could be close to me. My brother (who’s a doctor) and I had promised her that we’d never put her in a nursing home, and so, after a couple of years of checking out different companies, we had gotten her an apartment in one of the Sunrise Independent Living facilities.

It didn’t take long to discover that, though Sunrise and its staff were very nice, the care level offered was not great enough for mom, who had senile dementia. For her to stay at Sunrise, we would have had to hire a personal nurse around the clock, and there was simply not enough money to do that.

I began looking for other options, and was referred to Raya’s and a couple of other small board and care facilities. Raya’s looked cleaner (in fact, it’s spotless) and homier, with a more professional staff than the other facilities. And though it was slightly more expensive than the others, it was still cheaper than the Sunrise facility, even without the expense of the personal nurse.

The key things I was looking for in a facility were staff-to-resident ratio – which at Raya’s seemed to be roughly one staff member for every two residents – and proximity to my work and mom’s doctors at Cedars Sinai Hospital.

I got that and more. From the start, Michael and his staff treated me like family. If I visited around mealtime, I was always offered a plate – and the food itself was like what mom used to make – stuffed peppers, salmon fillet, chicken, brown rice, plenty of vegetables and salad. Some lox and bagels every now and then for good measure.

Mom was able to receive Medicare-provided in-home health care and physical therapy, with her doctor’s prescription. She had come to Raya’s shortly after a stay in the hospital, and got stronger thanks to the loving care of the Raya's staff.

Not only was the staff wonderful to my mom and to me, but mom’s world was widened by Julie, the occupational therapist who comes weekly, tells stories and keeps residents involved, and Shlomo, the accordion player, a real pro and a true mensch, who actually got a resident I thought was mute to joyously sing a few words in accompaniment.

When my brother and his wife, both doctors, came to visit in October, they were overjoyed that I had managed to find a place that was such a good fit for mom --and, even better, that we had been able to make good on our promise to her that we’d never put her in a nursing home.

Mom passed away in November, but I give thanks that in the last year of her life, she could be close by to me, so well-cared-for and so happy.

Thank you, Michael.

Bill Edelstein