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How to Lower Medical Expenses

Health care bills are notoriously confusing. Of course, Medicare all by itself is a maze, but beyond that there’s also the out-of-pocket expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover. These can be a significant financial obligation: almost $200,000 for a married couple over the course of their retirement according to one estimate. Here are some steps you […]

How to Tell When a Loved One with Dementia Is Sick

Dementia can make it difficult to tell when a loved one has come down with a cold or another illness. They may not be able to tell you how they’re feeling in an intelligible way. By being observant and keeping an eye out for certain signs, you can spot when they may need a little […]

The Connection Between Dementia and Depression

Dementia and depression share many common symptoms: withdrawal from loved ones, decreased interest in activities that were once enjoyable, memory difficulties, and an increase in sleep. Researchers have begun to explore the connection between the two and to ask whether dementia causes depression, or if perhaps depression causes dementia? One study has found that those […]

Dealing with a Loved One Who Wants to Go Home

There are many seniors who make the transition to assisted living or memory care comfortably. But unfortunately, due to the nature of the disease, sometimes loved ones are faced with an uncomfortable request: “I want to go home.” Such a plea is heartbreaking, and when you hear it every time you visit it can leave […]

Advice for New Caregivers

Taking charge of mom or dad’s affairs and becoming the one responsible for their well-being may have happened suddenly with a crisis event, or it may have snuck up on you over time. However you ended up here, you likely feel like you need some advice. Here are some things to keep in mind as […]

Five Steps to Convince Your Parent to Move to Memory Care

Making the decision to enter memory care is difficult for seniors, and it’s a process to get them to accept that this is the right choice. They of course want to remain on their own as long as possible. A big decision like this can’t be forced. Your best chances of success lie in helping […]

The Challenges of Early Alzheimer’s

One hardship for those with Alzheimer’s is a lack of understanding about this disease from those in the general public. Though it may hurt sometimes, to some extent this is understandable. We can’t all be expected to be knowledgeable about every disease, even more common ones. Typically, we forgive those who are important to us […]

How to Thank Assisted Living Staff

If you’ve chosen a good assisted living facility, chances are you feel a strong sense of gratitude towards the staff for the excellent care they’re providing for your loved one. It’s common in these situations for families and others to want to show that gratitude with a gift. Below are some tips to keep in […]

Should You Seek an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis?

You’ve noticed some recent changes in your loved one. Up until recently, your dad was working at a job he enjoyed and intended to do until he couldn’t anymore. But then he had trouble keeping himself organized and he made the decision to move on. Now, your once-driven father seems to be doing not much […]

Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Physical therapy can do seniors with Parkinson’s disease a world of good, slowing the decline that these patients experience. The physical challenges that those with the disease face–slow movement, hesitation, balance issues, rigidity, and resting tremors–can severely impact their ability to complete everyday functions. A physical therapist should be able to design an exercise plan […]