Hospice Care

Raya’s Paradise, Inc. offers hospice care for residents with end of life needs. We commit to high-quality, consistent hospice care.

What is Hospice?
Hospice is a holistic approach to care for end-of-life residents. It includes emotional support, management of symptoms and spiritual guidance. The purpose of hospice is to provide caring, not curing, at the end-of-life. A hospice approach is a whole family approach with support and guidance for the resident and family members as well. At the end of life we “turn on our care” with additional stimulation such as soft music, bedside care such as reading to our residents, appropriate music and aromatherapy. What we do not want is for any resident to be alone and without feeling pampered.

Hospice at Raya’s Paradise, Inc.:
Raya’s Paradise, Inc. offers hospice care for those who request it. We work together with a network of hospice agencies that follow an established best practice. Raya’s Paradise, Inc. staff in conjunction with hospice providers create a loving and high quality environment for these residents.

Some of the services included in hospice care at Raya’s Paradise, Inc.:

• Raya’s Paradise, Inc. members and hospice care team working together on-site.
• Medication, equipment, therapies and medical supplies.
• Open communication between family members, hospice providers and Raya’s Paradise, Inc. team members.

For more information on our hospice and end of life care program, please click here to contact us.