Raya’s Paradise: Setting a New Standard in Residential Care

Tucked away in the heart of Los Angeles are seven communities that are setting a new standard in luxury residential care. Known collectively as Raya’s Paradise, the aptly named cluster of state-of-the-art senior living residences boasts of bright, modern, clean, and cheerful homes. Each community is designed to provide comfort, convenience, and quality care for the elderly, including those with memory impairment, needing physical therapy, or hospice care.

Named after its founder Raya Gamburd, Raya’s Paradise was established in 1991 with the goal of improving quality care for the seniors of the community. In 2000, Moti Gamburd took over the reins and became the residence’s CEO. A UCLA alum with a degree in biochemistry, Moti focused on the modernization of the communities by adding state-of-the-art facilities while still upholding the tradition of quality care that Raya’s Paradise has come to be known for.

With Moti at the helm, an eight residence is opening soon and it promises to be the grandest and most luxurious yet. Located in San Clemente – with a gorgeous ocean view – the new residence will feature waterfront patios, restaurant-style dining, and a full-service spa.

Stepping inside a Raya’s Residence community is like entering a 5-start resort, with amenities that are usually reserved for luxurious hotels. The residence located at North Gardner St, for example, features large windows, Spanish-style doors that open up to private terraces, and wooden finishes. The residences also provide access to outdoor areas with water features where residents can spend a relaxing time.

Despite the luxurious settings, the communities of Raya’s Paradise have managed to maintain their residential feel by opting to have homey small-scale structures instead of large buildings. Large structures tend to alienate elderly residents and can even pose a danger for memory-impaired patients. Raya’s Paradise also limits the number of occupants in each community to ensure that each resident gets proper care and attention.

Raya’s Paradise offers Alzheimer’s care, assisted living, physical therapy, and hospice care. Each community has a team of nurses to attend to the needs of the residents. It also has a full kitchen staff, headed by a chef, who is trained to prepare nutritious, balanced, and tasty meals. An engagement coordinator prepares fun and beneficial activities to boost the residents’ physical and mental wellbeing. Physicians, home health specialists, and physical therapists also visit the communities regularly to look after the health of the residents.

By Michael Peres
Montreal-born Michael Peres is a journalist, software engineer, radio host, founder, and a traveler. He manages a multitude of startups, including a web development company, a cloud computing operation, and a consultancy for established companies in the USA and Canada. Through his Breaking 9 to 5 movement, Peres inspires and helps others learn how they can also build businesses and travel full-time. Peres currently resides in Seattle, Washington.