Our Los Angeles Dementia care facility has hobbies for every interest.Seniors sometimes have trouble finding ways to occupy their time, but there are many hobbies that they can still enjoy. Below are some suggestions. Art Art, especially painting, is a popular hobby for people of any age. Seniors can take great satisfaction from having created something. Even those with no artistic training or who have trouble holding a brush steady can still have fun expressing themselves with more abstract works. Needlecraft Seniors are often able to enjoy different kinds of needlecraft. Knitting is especially popular with older adults, in part because even people with limited dexterity can still complete projects. Many people who have arthritis in their hands also find that it helps them to improve dexterity. Games Games of all kinds make great activities for seniors and help to keep the mind active. Games also provide a way to socialize and help keep seniors from feeling lonely. Popular games among assisted living residents include chess, checkers, backgammon, and bridge. Other seniors enjoy putting together puzzles, both alone and with others, or doing word games and crossword puzzles. No matter what their interests and abilities, almost all seniors enjoy games of one form or another. Collecting Some people enjoy collecting things as a hobby. Objects related to a favorite animal, stamps, and coins are all popular items to collect. A collection can be a great way for a senior to have something to talk about with visitors, and also keeps them busy by having something to research and think about. Collections can help seniors keep in touch with their past: for example, someone who was a big fan of 1950s sitcoms might collect memorabilia related to their favorite shows. Writing For some seniors writing can be the perfect hobby, allowing them to reflect on and reminisce about their experiences. Sometimes they may need assistance and ask for someone to help them with transcribing their thoughts onto paper, which can also provide an opportunity for socialization. Other seniors may choose to write to friends and family. Sending and receiving mail is an enjoyable and comforting ritual for some people. They can tell friends and family about what they are thinking at that moment, rather than waiting until the next time they talk to them. Photography These days photography requires little in the way of initial costs and expertise, but there is still plenty to learn as one gains more experience. Seniors can always find something they would like to take pictures of, and this hobby can help them document their lives and then share what they’ve noticed with others. Some people have been shutter bugs their entire lives, and photography is a hobby they can continue to enjoy as they get older. Scrapbooking Scrapbooking can be a great hobby because it doesn’t require a large amount of effort or concentration. It’s also an excellent way for seniors to be creative, as well as to reminisce about good times and preserve memories for the future. These are just a few possible ways to keep busy in assisted living. With a little ingenuity and help, seniors can keep on doing the things that they love. This will not only give them ways to occupy their time, but also boost their spirits and even their health!